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About Us

Reverend Dorothy Ann Cole, MEd, DD

Divine Universal Studies
Serving Mother Earth since 1995

We are a spiritual community whose mission is to co-create with the Divine, healing, educating and empowering individuals.  We don’t have any specific religious orientation and celebrate diversity of all kinds.  Our membership is open.  We suggest people have their auras cleared, learn to connect their higher self, clear their auras regularly,  and use and learn sacred coning techniques for healing, learning, business, writing, creating and more.  We  encourage people to learn Nonviolent Communication, and promote free learning opportunities at Peace Matters.

Some of us meet weekly, engaging in simple planetary meditation to benefit Mother Earth and her inhabitants including the plant and animal kingdoms among others.  Our approach is from appreciation. Our focus is on what we want to see in the world, and we feel the joy of being honored to be here at this time and space.

Dorothy Ann Cole
Spiritual Healer, Shaman and Minister

In becoming a Holistic Healer, Dorothy Ann Cole brought skills as an educator, entrepreneur, and explorer of new thought.  She began her career teaching high school science, later teaching psychology and philosophy at the university level in Alaska.  She earned a B.S. cum laude from UC Berkeley in Conservation of Natural Resources and a B.A. in Language and Cognition from The Evergreen State College, won a Rotary Foundation Graduate Fellowship and studied at the University of Sheffield in England, earning her Masters in Education, studying Philosophy of Science.  She completed half the doctorate program at the University of San Francisco in Curriculum and Instruction, and then later completed her Doctorate of Divinity.  In 2010, Dorothy Ann Cole was ordained by the Holistic Resources Foundation.

Dorothy Ann opened her Holistic Healing practice in 1995 serving clients on six continents and training students in spiritual healing and shamanism. She, an educator specializing in science, psychology, and philosophy, offers integrative and holistic healing.  As a result of a traumatic, closed head injury in 1993, Dorothy Ann experienced a spiritual emergence making her more intuitive with healing hands. Her added and expanded senses allow her to see and hear divine sources for unusually accurate information for her clients. In 2004, Dorothy Ann began working with the SCIO, and then became as a Certified Biofeedback Specialist, Spiritual Health Coach, International Quantum Biofeedback Therapist, and Homeopathy Certified Therapist.  She is also a Certified Biofeedback Instructor.  Her life work is a healing and educational ministry of mind, body, spirit and emotion.

Dorothy Ann bridges the gap between science and spirituality
in her unique treatment of individuals

Dorothy Ann guides people through a profoundly, personal transformation process beyond the five senses.  Using energy clearing techniques, Dorothy Ann’s clients learn how to heal themselves.  Her clientele extend all over the world. Dorothy Ann conducts personal sessions over the phone or in person. She offers classes and workshops, and she trains others to do this work.  She serves clients on six continents. Explore this website for in-depth information, articles and research.

The tenets of peaceful language are found in Nonviolent Communication (NVC).  Dorothy Ann Cole immersed herself in this work right after 9/11, wanting to heal the deep wounds of a chaotic and abusive childhood.  The more she learned, the more she realized her higher calling was to teach the language of peace to others.  Peace Matters originally was a series of podcasts in which Dorothy Ann taught 12-year-old Isa the language of peace.  Now, the lessons are provided to you as part of the extended learning offered through the book, Peace Matters: Teaching the Language of Peace to the World. Now there are 20 free audio/text lessons for individuals, couples, families, teachers, schools, small businesses, corporations, and spiritual and non-profit agencies.  Highly recommended for politicians! Sign up today at PeaceMattersNow.org.

Dorothy Ann Cole’s Degrees, Qualifications, and Certifications

BS             cum laude Conservation of Natural Resources, University of California, Berkeley
BA            Language and Cognition, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington
MEd        Philosophy of Science, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, England
Rotary Foundation Graduate Fellowship 1980-81
MS           Psychology (Anchorage Community College analyzed transcripts for teaching position)
EdD         Curriculum and Instruction, University of San Francisco (.5 program completion)
DD           Spiritual Healing and Shamanism, Divine Universal Studies, Portland, Oregon
CBS          Certified Biofeedback Specialist
SHC         Spiritual Health Coach
QBFT      Quantum Biofeedback Therapist (International License)
HTC         Homeopathy/Therapeutic Consultant
QESPT    Quantum Entwinement Subspace Prayer Therapist

Ordained Minister, The Holistic Resources Foundation, Portland, Oregon


  • Peace Matters:  Teaching the Language of Peace to the World
  • Auraopathy:  Clearing Your Own Aura
  • Opening the Cocoon:  The Metamorphosis of Human Consciousness

Other Qualifications

3rd degree Reiki Master
3rd degree Neo Life Master
TRIOM Master
AKABA Master
Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)
Energetic Surgeon (See PEP on Services)
Hands-on Healer
Quantum Code® ~ Energetic Medicine accessing the DNA of Ancestors
Remote and distant Healer (Subspace)

Independent Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Trainer – Language of Peace: PeaceMattersNow.org