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Align with the Divine

Online Talk Radio

Hosted by Rev. Dorothy Ann Cole and Joy-Marie Peterson, who discuss research and insights into Holistic Health for modern living, with guests and call-ins.  Archived shows area available below.


November 26th

What do you do when your children are sickly and not getting better?  What is a mother to do? One mother says, “Call Dorothy Ann.”  

Tracing out what was causing food allergies, emotional meltdowns, and concentration problems in school for her daughters, led Dorothy Ann to ask if the children had had any head injuries.  Both of them had on independent occasions.  What you need to know about healing head traumas and how common these are, undiagnosed and untreated. 

November 19th

ADD/ADHD – Attention Deficit Disorders in Adults

Thom Cathcart , Creative Resources and Life Coach, offers his insights to help adults cope with ADD/ADHD.  Approximately, 15% of Americans live with this condition, and many are undiagnosed.  There is lots of help available for helping people cope with this condition.
Dorothy Ann offers a Brain Gain program to help adults learn what parts of  their brains may be affected, and what can be done to assist including understanding the symptomology of the disorder, what supplements help in balancing the brain waves, and strategies for developing support systems.

Creative Resources

November 12th

Homeopathy and why you should NOT get a flu shot!

Dorothy Ann is upset with Dr. Oz, because his study of hCG homeopathics were based on false assumptions.  She also describes the problems with how flu shots are made and why they are risky for children and seniors.  Joy Marie describes the problems with chemicals that are dangerous and still not listed by agencies whose job is to protect us.

November 5th

The Divine Feminine with Dale Allen, In Out Right Minds

Extraordinary insights on the deep roots of sexism in western culture, that date back 4000 years.  Everyone should see In Our Right Minds.

In Our Right Minds explores the Goddess archetype as a metaphor for our right-brain wisdom. Without an understanding of this archetype, women have been left with no clear model to guide them to their strength and wholeness, and men   have been forced to suppress vast parts of their own intuitive, emotional and nurturing natures.

Join us,  Dale Allen on an expedition deep into the foundations of our collective psyche and out to the edges of our paradigm.  Shake up old assumptions and break ground for a new era. Discover the Goddess archetype and recognize how profoundly ancient wisdom can strengthen us as modern men and women.

Dale Allen – In Our Right Minds

October 29th

The Equal Rights Amendment has never been ratified.  Find out what has happened and what needs to be done.  You will be shocked to hear about the sublities of covert sexism and discrimination in housing, the work place, business, higher education, and government.

Did you know the Language of Peace is an effective way to deal with mental and emotional problems and bullying?  Our discussion introduces Peace Matters;  the book, the website, and the 10 Free lessons available to you, your friends and family at PeaceMattersNow.org.

October 22nd

Did you know that our thoughts can affect water? and change its molecular structure? and blood? Our discussion looks at how the energy of thought works for changing our physical world.  Dorothy Ann shares a healing process called AKABA, a precurser to Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT), citing cases of how the process worked with allergies, pests and infestation, and blood from Dark Field Blood Analysis.  Then the conversation moves to Dr. Emoto’s work on water crystals, and Joy-Marie talks about her research into water treatment plants.  She provided lists of chemicals found in shampoos, personal care items and even caffiene which these plants don’t even consider in clearing water.  The chemicals and caffiene are found on river bottoms and river banks.

October 15th

How does Energy Healing work?  Most of us hear about miracles, but we don’t know how the energy works to heal.  It is all about the Divine.  Practitioners of what is called “beyond time and space healing” are actually conduits who channel the Divine energy to assist people in their healing process.  Our discussion will target different types of healing modalities which are all energy or divinely guided processes.

October 8th

Discussion of hCG Protocol for fast and safe weight loss with coaching and how stress is killing us.  Many who attempt the hCG protocol fail to keep the weight off, because they are not coached to understand that requires a life style commitment.  Dorothy Ann and Joy Marie discuss what the science behind how the protocol is and how it works to balance hormones.  Then in a revealing discussion of the dangers of stress, they reveal how excess stress is responsible for unbalancing the hormones, causing the storage of extra fat leading to obesity.

October 1st

October is MRSA awareness month.   This dangerous disease is often mistaken for a pimple, a spider bite or “just a bump”.  Frequently, this bacterial infection is picked up in fitness clubs, school gymnasiums, swimming pool locker rooms – anywhere that towels and equipment don’t get sterilized after every use!  Tuesday there will be lots of education available online, so be sure to participate in learning about this very dangerous, fairly unknown skin condition.