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0 Settling Tallulah In

1 Tallulah Talks – Remembering Andy Rooney

2 Tallalah Talks – Penile Health PSA

3 Tallulah Talks – Political Matters 1

4 Tallulah Talks – Energy Matters & Toilet Manners PSA

5 Tallulah Talks – Election Process

7 Santa’s Helper


It was around Halloween in 2008, and the minister invited us to wear a costume for the next service.  Since I was in the choir, I decided I would make the effort…always loved to dress up, usually as a witch.  This year I decided to be a socialite, since a friend gave me this glam blouse and jacket in shiny silver.  With black velvet pants, black velvet shoes with lots of sparklies, I donned a red felt hat (A member of the Red Hat Society had given it to me to encourage me to create a chapter in the church) complete with sequins, a purple band of sequins and a feather.  Off I went…and I was late for before-service choir practice.  As I hurried up the aisle, the whole choir saw me with shouts, hoots, howlers and one, “Oh my gawd, it’s Elizabeth Taylor.”

Well, I knew I could not pull off Liz Taylor, having been married only twice.  So instead…something came in, sliding into me like that old commercial of the driver flying into a rental car driving down the highway.  And then this new, deep-throated voice spoke up…

“Oh, no darlings, Tallulah here.”  The younger generations looked blank, but the elders knew…Tallulah Bankhead, former star of radio, television, and the silver screen of a bygone era had returned.  Tallulah was a splash hit at the church!  She recruited volunteers, wrote the press releases, designed the publicity and sold tickets for the Holiday Musical Fundraiser, starring Portland pianist, Michael Allen Harrison.  The event was a huge success!

And Tallulah had re-entered the earth plane, vis-a-vis, my body…  She is now broadcasting from the other side…over the Internet on YouTube, Daily Motion, MetaCafe, MySpace, Blip.tv and more.  Check out these videos on her other-worldly perspective: