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Welcome to our class offerings. Most classes are offered in a once-a-week for 4 weeks session in a teleconference format for 2 hours. More advanced courses require completion of the Auraopathy Clearing. Email us at info@divineu.net for more information.  Here are our ABC’s…


Aura Clearing – Learn to do your own
Aura Level 1 – Part of 4 course series*
Level 2 – Research*
Level 3 – Noetic Medicine*
Level 4 – Advanced Techniques*
*Prerequisite: You have your Aura cleared by us.


Divine Universal Studies welcomes you practitioners who need more training and support.  Our request is that you become a member of our community.  Membership is free.  You will be able to access wonderful support services including the following:

  • QB Training for Beginners – Step-by-step lessons for QXCI, SCIO, EPFX, INDIGO, EDUCTOR
  • QB Training for for Intermediate and Advanced Users:  Topical Webinars to support and expand your practice


Compassionate Communication is also known as Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and the Language of Peace.  Our contribution to making the world a more peaceful place may be found at Peace Matters:

  • Peace Matters Now- 10 FREE lessons – PeaceMattersNow.org
  • eBook:  Peace Matters:  Teaching the Language of Peace to the World by Dorothy Ann Cole, MEd, DD