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AURAOPATHY – Clearing Your Own Aura

The eBook is a research paper presented to the International Association of New Sciences in 1996 by Dorothy Ann Cole, MEd, DD. She has since updated new information and processes about Aura Clearings, Connecting to Higher Self, and Sacred Conings. In an actual session, you learn to do this yourself. Cost for the eBook is only $2.00 through PayPal*.

PEACE MATTERS: Teaching the Language of Peace to the World

is a short, easy read. Through personal stories and simple explanations, Dorothy Ann gives you a feel for how much better life can be when you start using the Language of Peace. The book’s small format (3 ½ x 5 inches) allows you to tuck it into your pocket or purse, and at 32 pages you can read it quickly and easily. The book is intended to serve as your launching pad for further exploration – which is why Dorothy Ann is offering 10 Free Lessons.
To Order: Peace Matters can be purchased through PayPal. Print copies are $5 each ($6 Canada) plus a $1 shipping. The eBook is $2 per download.

Peace Matter books

OPENING the COCOON:  The Metamorphosis of Human Consciousness

This is a true story about an event to Open the Cocoon, during late August, 2010, creating and opening the 13 Moon 52 Stone Medicine Wheel. This was the last of 5 such medicine wheels, each opened 10,000 years apart.  Read about this extraordinary adventure of the Shaman, the Apprentice, Wind Flower, and the peoples of Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada.

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