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Sally Ann Donahue

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Sally Ann Donahue is a lay minister with Divine Universal Studies.  Her ministry is called Ask Sally 4 Wellness. because she provides a wealth of information and product lines to help you and your family feel better.

Reverend Dorothy Ann shares a story:

Ever been plagued by mosquitoes?

When I lived in Alaska, one night my 3 year old daughter had a convulsion.  Scared me to death.  The next day I asked her childcare provider if something had happened.  Yes, tons of mosquitoes showed up in her yard, biting all the kids, so she liberally sprayed Deet on all of the children.  My daughter apparently was highly allergic to this product.  I then heard about another product which was actually a skin softener but it repelled mosquitos.  

Years later, I was introduced to Melaleuca products, and their lotion Renew, and heard it too repelled mosquitoes.  Imagine my surprise after putting the lotion on my legs, three mosquitoes arrived and were dive bombing toward my legs in military fashion, when all of the sudden they must of smelled the tea tree oil, and immediately change their flight pattern away from me. 

Years later, I was looking for a distributor, and I found Sally.  I thought you might enjoy finding other product lines she likes, so we decided to help you find them. 

Ask Sally for any of the following:  Email

Laminine – cellular repair

Kangan Water – creates water like it comes from a mountain stream, pure and fresh

Melaleuca – excellent non-toxic household products

Nikken Magnets – amazing pain management and circulation

Young Living – the finest, best quality, therapeutic grade essential oils

Zeolites – are micro-porous minerals which captures and release heavy metals and toxins from the body

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