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Larraine Brannan

Larraine PortraitReverend Larraine Brannan joined our community in 2015.  She offers several energetic healing modalities in her healing ministry.  Larraine volunteers on the Board of Directors, and she will be helping Dorothy Ann complete webinars on classes and workshops.

Larraine’s Introduction

My ministry revolves around my soul’s mission to contribute to elevating the vibration of the planet by elevating my own vibration, and assisting others to elevate their own personal vibrations.

I plan to accomplish this by using everything I’ve learned about the effect that human emotions have on the human body/mind/spirit, and ultimately on the vibratory level of the Whole. Over the past 25 years I have studied and become certified in many energetic modalities and traditions. Each of them has become a part of my tool bag, and many of them use muscle testing as the means to access the body’s wisdom and truth.

The most recent addition has been certification in The Emotion Code. The Emotion Code is a beautifully simple and powerful modality for accessing hidden trapped emotions in a person’s body and releasing them, thereby removing obstructions to connecting with their authentic selves and raising their vibration to a more beneficial level. I plan to specialize in dismantling the Heart Wall, which allows the person to live from and express more love/ more heart centered energy into the world. One by one we will make the world a better place. As more and more people express authentic love in their lives, the vibration of planet Earth and beyond will be raised until authentic Love and Peace prevail! That is my dream!

I am curious, and I am a seeker. I will continue to study related methods and add them to my tool bag. I am now taking online classes with Heart Math, which will allow me to assist my clients in maintaining connection with their hearts on a day to day basis. The world we live in offers many challenges to staying centered in our hearts and expressing love. I pray that the more I learn and the more I practice being love, the more I can help make it easier for my clients.

I intend to stay open to spiritual guidance and do my best to follow where this guidance leads. I am a humble servant to the Light, and ask to be received as a minister in Divine Universal Studies.

Lovingly submitted on August 20, 2015

Larraine Marie Brannan

Heart Wall

The Emotion Code

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