Negative Thinking

Did you know that when you have a negative thought, that you actually harm your body? Yes, it is true. You create a block to your life force (chi or prana) in the acupuncture meridians which is your electrical energy body.

Then if you express the thought to another person, you may potentially harm them as well! So instead, ask yourself, “What is a more joyful or happier thought?” Try a thought of appreciation or gratitude about someone or something you love…it works wonders!

I recently taught this to a mother who has two young children who squabble, creating a lot of stress for the youngest.  We agreed teaching the kids this information might help them to treat each other more peacefully and respectfully.

The Golden Rule is always a great reminder:  Treat others just like you want to be treated.

What is Spiritual Healing?

According the Ancient Buddhist teachings, all healing begins with spiritual cleansing.

Spiritual Healing accepts the notion that there are energies outside ourselves, which may effect us in both negative and positive ways. These may or may not be measured or verified scientifically. However, it does not mean that these spiritual influences do not exist. Certainly for those who have not found help in traditional medical therapies or even alternatives, many experience relief and freedom with a simple aura clearing or any of the therapies offered here.

Dorothy Ann Cole, a world educator specializing in science, psychology, and philosophy, offers integrative and holistic healing, energy medicine and counseling.  As a result of a head injury, she experienced a spiritual emergence, making her more intuitive with healing hands and cosmic connection. Dorothy Ann bridges the gap between science and spirituality in her unique treatment of individuals.  She guides people through a profoundly, personal transformation process beyond the five senses.

Using energy clearing techniques, Dorothy Ann’s clients learn how to heal themselves.  She is known as the healer’s healer and has clients in more than 40 states, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America, and Australia.  She is a teacher, national speaker, and columnist, offering classes and workshops. Dorothy Ann conducts personal sessions over the phone or in person.  She may be contacted at to schedule an appointment, speaking engagement, or workshop.  Click the headings to find more information about each spiritual healing or shaman modality.

AURAOPATHY – Our Mother Ship of Spiritual Healing

As both a scientist and educator, Dorothy Ann Cole, founder of Auraopathy, clears auras to release all unwanted energies that impede a person’s vitality.  Her holistic approach begins with the spiritual healing because she feels that this is the most important and least discussed component to becoming well.  Once these uninvited negative energies are released, a person has a clear channel to his/her Higher Self.  Then Dorothy Ann teaches a person how to connect to his/her Higher Self.


When Dorothy Ann connects to the Higher Self of a person, she engages in a scientific dialogue to find out what means are necessary to heal the person of the condition.  This adventurous approach to sourcing information has led Dorothy Ann to some startling and wonderful discoveries.  You will want to check out Dorothy Ann’s Case Studies which are detailed in a paper: “Auraopathy:  A New Medicine” delivered to the International Association for New Sciences in 1996 (See Research page).

Can I Be Healed?

I was very moved by your letter on many accounts, but most of all by your story as a quadriplegic. You are obvious active and involved and very creative, so I am surprised that you were diagnosed as having a head injury, especially since you write well, are generous with your time, raise money for street kids, publish poetry, and invent things.

In answer to your question, “Can I be healed?”  That is a great question.  As a healer, I will not lead you down a garden path promising you a rose garden.  What I have learned about healing is that it depends on you.  The degree that you are ready to heal, you will heal.  Jesus did not heal all that he came upon; he healed those whose who were ready to receive the healing.  Their desire to heal matched the vibration of the healing energy required.  In this way, I am simply the matchmaker, matching your energy to heaven’s.

One man with lymphoma was instantly healed in front of me.  He knew it and I knew it.  He shared that as I discussed how I work and what I do, he thought, “Wow, this woman could really heal me.”  In opening his heart to the full possibility, he allowed the energy to gain entrance, to do as he so desired.  He saw himself as healed.

If you can do the same, I may be able to help you. Let me begin by addressing some of your concerns to see if I might give you some different perspectives.

Do you have spirit attachments in your aura? Yes, most people do. The aura is weakened and/or ripped by drug or alcohol use, surgery, accidents and extreme negative emotions. Given your accident and subsequent drug therapies your aura was undoubtedly damaged. However, your positive outlook on life means that you don’t have too many spirit attachments. I would like to clear your aura for you. I can do this over the phone.

The process takes about 1 hour to 1.5. You call me at the appointed time.  I live on the west coast of the USA, so we will have to figure out the time difference. I have attached a form for you to fill out if you elect to do this.

There is more information on the Auraopathy page.

On the other side of the coin, I also acknowledge that fate and destiny come into play too.  I refer to them as soul contracts.  So your soul path may involve what you see as your current challenges,  However, the way you are living your life–active, creative, giving, and inspirational is a wonderful model for those who come into your life and for those who hear your story.

In terms of the bigger life questions, I will share with you my point of view which has given me peace and serenity. I too was sexually abused, but as an infant. When I learned about it in my 30’s, I was so shocked and angry. In the New Age movement, you hear platitudes that you create your reality; you bring to you what you experience. My question was why on earth did I bring this on myself? I wouldn’t in my right mind! But the truth was, I wasn’t in my “right” mind.

I found peace and healing in forgiveness: of the perpetrator, my family for not believing it, God and myself.   Part of the healing processing was working with my inner child too.  I do this regularly with clients now, but it is so important to heal the wounds of the inner child.  When I really could allow forgiveness in my heart, I healed. I found peace. Now I understand how I did attract it to myself. I signed up for the experience long before I arrived on the planet. Let me explain.

A couple of years ago I was in a dilemma about fate/destiny and free will. How do you reconcile these? A friend hypnotized me so I could meet some Ascendant Masters to ask. I met with three. One of them simply asked, “Have you considered simply accepting your fate, freely choosing it?” Duh, it was so simple. I really got it! Then I learned is that our free will is about 20% of our existence and fate/destiny makeup the rest of it. However, before we enter this dimension, we chose our fate. We sign up for what we would like to experience in this lifetime. Perhaps this image will help.

Imagine looking at your life through a microscope. You see and feel your life as it is right now. Raise it to a higher power and you pull back. You are looking down at the earth and saying, I would like to see what it would be like to live in the physical world and not be physical. I would like to be sexually molested and not be able to do anything about it. I would like to have it as a secret that I later reveal to see how others handle it. I would like to write poetry and publish it. I would like to invent things. For all that you want, you immediately have a collaboration of others who say, Yes, I will support you in that. I will molest you. I will raise you and take care of you. I will be your friend. I will be one who cheats you. I will be who loves you always. Do you see?

I realize this is a bit hard to take at first. Raise the power of the microscope up again, and see yourself sitting with God and Council of Nine. “Yes,” God says, “I think you are ready to handle this life. However, I want you to include something that you do which benefits others more directly. How would you like to help kids who live on the streets, who have no one to support them?” You agree.  In addition, imagine that all the people around you have chosen to experience you: your family, your friends, your mates in school. You have touched hundreds of lives with your courage and positive outlook.

Souls who choose to come in handicapped are usually also on a mission to teach those around them some profound lessons. My youngest sister came in with 40% of her brain missing. She was diagnosed mentally retarded and epileptic. She had three brain surgeries in her first six months of life. She died when she was two. She also became earthbound and attached to me. My first aura clearing, she was released. Later, when I learned how to communicate with the higher realms, she appeared as an Indian maiden. She told me she had come in to teach my mother and father compassion within the family. She felt she failed them, but she taught my other sisters and me to be much more understanding of those less fortunate than we.

To sign up for such extraordinary lives is I believe a measure of how evolved our souls are. American Natives call this our sacred path. I call it our soul contract, and sometimes we sign up for too much. I learned that we can actually renegotiate our soul contracts if we really have taken on too much. The other thing I learned is that when we are on our sacred path, when we are living our soul contract, it is when we experience the most joy. I remember reading in Conversations with God, Book 3, about judgment. A man, homeless, being ostracized for failing, and God pointed out that this man might write the one line of poetry that would change humankind forever. His gift would leave a legacy affecting generations of humans for centuries.

I resisted becoming a spiritual healer for a long time. I had had ten car accidents and the tenth was a closed head injury. It took two years for the healing to become noticeable to me! In addition, I have had five major falls, so I have been debilitated much of my life, in serious pain and rarely anyone around to help me. Life was a supreme struggle.

As a scientist and agnostic, I was not really to keen when I was told that I would only heal when I began to heal others. A less than charitable remark was my response, but I brought it on myself. As I got out of the car after the tenth accident, I looked up to the sky and said to God, “I will do anything you want, but please, please, no more car accidents!” She took me at my word!

When I accepted that I could do spiritual healing, I found extraordinary things would happen around me. I became the conduit for profound healing energies for lots of different people. What I have also learned is that the degree to which the person is ready to receive healing, is the degree that the healing occurs. Some are ready for miracles; others are not. They work in stages. One man with whom I worked was legally blind, improved his eyesight so that he was no longer legally blind. Then he realized he wasn’t sure he did not want to be legally blind. He was going to lose his disability check, he would have to work more, he would be able to drive and not depend on his wife to take him everywhere and run all his errands. Another who is and has been a-symptomatic of AIDS for four years was also concerned he would lose his disability benefits and subsidized housing if his T-Cell counts became too high.  At 200, he would not have AIDS.  His T-Cell counts have stabilized at 197.

I am not going to make you any promises about what will happen with you. However, I would like to do the aura clearing and also do some psychic remote surgery, a treatment of bringing Divine Love Energy directly into your body. Since the doctors don’t know where the injury is, I suspect that Divine Love would. There are some case studies on my website I believe on the research page about this process.

The most important lesson in all of this is to see you yourself as “well”, doing all that you have ever wanted to do. The more you think about it, imagine it, feel it deeply in your heart, the more your vibration will match that healing.

Finally, a couple things I have learned about the healing process.  Ask for what you want and you will get it along as your intention, desire and thoughts are totally focused to that end.  It may take some time, but the Universe is always responding to us.  Allow it the time to work for you.  Secondly, the work is more effective “when two or more gather in my name”—Matthew.  This is so true.  It is part of why I am successful with clients because we are gathered and focused to do this together.  No man or woman is an island.  Those, particularly healers, who think they can do the work alone are at risk for being misguided.  We need each other.  Finally, spiritual work is often fun and joyful.  Anytime I have resisted, thought I could do it myself, assumed that my sense of responsibility superceded Spirits, my life does not work.  When I surrender, release my resistance, let go—let God, then it works, and works beautifully.

So the question is –-What would you like to do now?