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Welcome to the wonders of Star Trek medicine!
Move over Bones, and Dr. Beverly!  The Tricorder is here NOW.

This energetic breakthrough is call Quantum Biofeedback, providing stress reduction, pain relief, and holistic wellness.

SCIOThis little device, called the SCIO, is attached to a computer and to you, for a session of Quantum Biofeedback, providng you deep relaxation.  If you haven’t heard about or had a Quantum Biofeedback session, you are in for an amazing adventure into the most leading-edge energy medicine technology.  The software, which took 20 years to write, is loaded on a computer with an attached box, called the SCIO.  With straps around your head, wrists and ankles, the device is able to test your reactions to over 10,000 substances or frequencies in less than 3 minutes.  Then it returns a mathematical value.  Those scores between 80-100 are balanced.  Those outside the range are called “Stressors”.

“95% of all dis-ease is caused by stress.”
~National Institute of Health, 2010


  1. Our 1.5 hour Introductory Session $150
  2. Refer 2 friends, Get 1 hour Session Free
  3. Purchase 3 sessions, get 1 session Free

Want to learn more?  Check out our free videos.


Yes, we can do this process by prayer, distance or remote healing, or subspace.  It works like a cell phone.  You are unique in the holographic universe, so the SCIO literally finds you, by your unique name, birthdate, and birthplace.  You can watch the session live while we are on the phone too!  Same rates apply.

Call 503-208-4098 or email info@divineu.net for your appointment today!  Make your payment through PayPal.com using info@divineu.net.

*We are delighted to announce that On April 30, 2013,  Rev. Dorothy Ann Cole was “grandmothered” into the International Medical University for Natural Healing (IMUNE) Diplomate Program:  Quantum Entwinement Subspace  Prayer Therapist (QESPT).

Before the session, download, sign and return this Waiver.

WAIVER-Quantum Entwinement Subspace Prayer Therapist Agreement-

Before the session, open this form, fill it out, and email it back.

SOC Intake Form 7-1-13

We are looking forward to serving you.


Disclaimer :: A friendly reminder that the SCIO Quantum Biofeedback System is not designed to diagnose, heal or cure. It is used for stress & pain management, brain wave training and muscle re-education. If you have concerns regarding your health, please contact a Licensed Physician.

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Dorothy Ann Cole Dorothy Ann Cole July 14, 2013 at 7:53 AM

Here is 24th Century medicine available now. No harmful side effects from prescription medicines, radiation or chemotherapy. Energetic medicine is based in Homeopathy, which is based in Acupuncture. This legendary line of wisdom goes back hundreds of years and has never caused harm or death. That is a pretty amazing heritage for what can be done with Quantum Biofeedback. You owe it to your family for the best in reducing stress and supporting wellness.

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