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Biofeedback for Pets and Mother Earth

Really?  Yes, and it works.

I have worked on pets for years, both with the Quantum Biofeedback and Aura Clearings.

Recently, my cat, Merlin was talking more than usual.  He was not playing as much as he usually does.  I thought it was our recent heat wave.  Then I did a Quantum Biofeedback session with him.  He was back to normal within an hour, demanding that I play with him.

Don’t wait until your pets or farm animals are really sick.  Give them a boost now, and you will see the difference.  Here is the list of animals we can help:

  • Apis – BeesCat Stress picture
  • Avian – Birds
  • Bovine – Cows
  • Canine – Dogs
  • Feline – Cats
  • Alpacas
  • Goats
  • Lizards
  • Pigs
  • Llamas
  • Sheep
  • Snake
  • Tortoise

Have a diagnosis?  Even better, because there lots of diseases we can work on too.  When we work on your pet, we can also work on Mother Earth.


When I worked on Merlin with updated software, I found a menu of programs I could run simultaneously that work for Mother Earth.  Here is the list we can do:

  • Save Apis
  • Clear Water
  • Green
  • Palma Therapy
  • Rain and Sun/ Control Atmosphere Agent
  • Sea Therapy
  • Land Analysis
  • Land-Agricultural Compatibility
  • Atmosphere Serre
  • Anti GMO
  • Treat Pesticides
  • Treat deactivate atomic fallout
  • Prevention of volcanic eruptions
  • Prevent Earth Quakes and Tsunamis
  • Prevent Cyclones, Hurricanes, and Tornadoes
  • Reactivate Earth’s Electromagnetic Crystalline Grate
  • Sea Water Therapy
  • Mussels and Oysters Therapy

Help your pet and save the planet.  Life Matters:  yours, your pets, your family and our planet.

$100 per hour session.




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