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Beyond Time and Space

Beyond Time and Space Healing

According to Dr. Larry Dossey, author and expert on integrative medicine, there are three types of medicine: Allopathic, Alternative or Complementary, and Beyond Time and Space Healing. Allopathic medicine would be what we understand to be modern Western medicine, using pharmaceuticals, surgery, chemo and radiation therapies.  Alternative medicine includes acupuncture, chiropractic, reflexology, homeopathy, quantum biofeedback, and more. Beyond Time and Space Healing includes the more esoteric forms including Auraopathy, Reiki, Neo Life, hands-on, hands off or remote and distant healing, and many more.  All of these forms of medicine have their strengths and weaknesses, and rely on their own methods without much regard to the other two types of medicine available to you. I referred to this as In The Box Healing.

If you are willing to move from one box to another, you will often find enriching experiences, and a solution in one box which is not available or discussed in another box.

Beyond Time and Space

Beyond time and space healing is perhaps the most misunderstood, because people are not informed on the latest scientific breakthroughs in medicine across all of these boxes.

Dossey actually quotes a quantum physics from England who said that:

Modern medicine is 50 years behind other sciences,
and should be ashamed of themselves.

Beyond time and space healing often works in the quantum field, where our mental construct of time and space doesn’t exist. When someone comes to me with a health issue, I seek to find the origin of where the disease or addiction or problem began. Often it is sourced back to a past life or other time dimension, and/or it involves an ancestor who passed the problem through the RNA, DNA, in the quantum field. So the problem still exists in the current time and space, but the origin of the problem is way back when.

Finding the source of the problem is important because when I pull the tap root of the energy, the problem ceases to exist any longer along the time-space continuum. People often feel tingling or energy moving in their body as a result of this release.  A client called me yesterday to say her mother was fine, and she wasn’t going have to take a leave of absence to take care of her mother afterall.  She herself was very confused, and as a health care professional, could not understand the complete turnaround on her mother.  I reminded her that working in the quantum field, we had changed things for her, and apparently, her mother received the benefits too!  It is magical!!

Working in the Quantum Field often yields magical results!
~ Dorothy Ann Cole

Sexual Trauma

I have acquired a new healing device which led me to an interesting order of events. I have one foot and leg that are sometimes numb and/or painful from neuropathy. I have suffered many injuries, particularly to the foot.  When I was sourcing through causes, I discovered that one of the problems was related to the vagina, and to a past life where I had been raped.  When the source of the energy was cleared, a good portion of the foot and leg changed and felt, oddly, normal. No pain, no discomfort, clearly something had shifted!!

When I realized the implications here, I began calling clients who have been molested or sexually assaulted, suggesting sessions for them.  This may offer tremendous relief of unknown proportions for those who have had these traumatic experiences.

 The Quantum Code

This new system of healing is related to some of the research done in the emotional code, which Reverend Larraine Brannan offers through our site (See Ministers).  The original system was created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, DC.  In expanding the search for the source of health issues: mental, emotional, physical, traumatic, psychic, I am finding among clients that the shifts are often immediate. Pain relief often instantaneous.  One woman exhibiting tremors, reported that after the session that some of her fingers had stopped trembling right after the session.  I saw her again this morning, and today there is virtually no trembling…we may have another session, because healing is often like peeling an onion.  There are sometimes layers.  I just called her, and she has a bit of trembling, the 2nd day since the process, so there are layers…

The Subconscious

Iceberg Subconscious

We access the truth about you, through your subconscious.  Like the picture here, it accounts for about 95% of your consciousness, under the surface.  Your conscious mind is above the water.

In September 2015, I had a bone in my right wrist slip out, causing intense pain.  Massage, adjustments, wrist support went on for months.  Then one day, I did the quantum code work on it…and the pain stopped.  I haven’t had to work on it for over a month.  But another pain appeared in a tendon, so I worked that and it stopped.  And then another pain appeared in a ligament, and with treatment, that too disappeared.  Part of the problem is an inherited connective tissue disease, so I worked all the ligaments, tendons, fascia, and cartilage in my hands.  They tingled for over a minute…and then the pain was gone.  Wow, my hands felt so relaxed and flexible.  I knew I was on to something great. Thank you, God!


I am also working with pets.  One cat’s reticent personality has completely changed, so she is now playing with other cats in the house and other family members besides mom.  A little dog who was limping and unable to jump up on furniture, he is a Chihuahua.  His owner is partially blind, so the poor dog sometimes is kicked inadvertently.  One session and he is back to normal.  Now we can help animals. Make your payment here for your pet, and call 503-208-4098 for an appointment.

My own cat is often annoyed when I am working too much, so he paws at the computer.  However, one day he was sitting on the keyboard, when I realized he wanted a session! In play, he had twisted his lower back.  Within minutes, he was racing around and playing again.

Since I live in Oregon, and this cat was in California, you can imagine the owner’s surprise when I started working, and the 4 other family cats moved into the living room to surround and watch their sister cat receive remote or long distance treatment.  This poor cat had been vomiting up everything she ate for weeks.  The vet could only offer very expensive surgeries.  She was losing weight and hair, and getting dehydrated.  My friend was afraid she was going to have to put this cat down.  After the session, she offered the cat very small servings, which the cat gobbled up.  She only vomited one more time in the last 4 weeks.  Her fur is filling out as is she.  Once more, a healthy cat.

Want a session for you?  Click here.  You will find more information on this.

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