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Common Complaints

Common Complaints

  • Depression

People suffering from depression often are carrying spirit attachments which may cause the depression, particularly when there is no other apparent cause.  In more severe cases, a person may have suicidal thoughts.

  • Female Problems

Women with severe menstrual pain may be carrying male earthbound spirits which reek havoc with a woman’s normal hormonal system.  In addition, a woman may not be on her natural cycle.  The day of the 30 day moon cycle on which a woman is born, is the day each month that she should ovulate.  An example is a woman born on the new moon which ovulate on that day, and then menstrate on the full moon to be on her natural cycle.  To remedy this, simply find out what day you were born, and then each month leave a light on that night to force the ovulation.  Within a few months, you will be on your natural cycle.

  • Herpes I & II

Herpes viruses are retro-viruses which means that when they replicate, they mutate.  To release these viruses requires interrupting the life cycle of the virus every day for several days.  See TRIOM, special cases.

  • High Blood Pressure

Aura clearings often release spirits who themselves have high blood pressure.  Also the stress of having a lot of spirit attachments may cause the blood pressure to go up.  Once the aura is cleared, many experience a lowering of hypertension.

  • Addictive Behavior

Sometimes addictive behavior is caused externally by earthbound spirits.  Dorothy Ann had 16 such spirits causing her to smoke.  When the spirits were released, her compulsion to smoke went away.

  • Self-Destructive Behavior

See case history on suicide problems in Auraopathy Research.

  • Manic Depression

One man who had been diagnosed as a Manic Depressive (now known as Bi-Polar) was able to go off his medication after his aura was cleared.  See case history on manic depression problems.

  • Prostate Problems

Prostate problems using afflict older men.  The prostrate may swell causing either frequent urination or impeded urination.  An aura clearing for a young man released all of his symptoms.  See case history on prostrate problems.

  • Cancer

See Personal Energy Process (PEP)

  • Cataracts

See Personal Energy Process (PEP)


See TRIOM and Retro-virus.

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

See TRIOM and Retro-virus.

  • Fibromyalgia

See TRIOM and Retro-virus.

  • Lupus

See TRIOM and Retro-virus.

  • AIDS

See TRIOM and Retro-virus.  See Case History on AIDS.

  • Anger and Rage behavior

See Auraopathy paper on Research Page.

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