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Shoulder strip  Order a LOVE PowerStrip

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My Experience
Wonderful News!  I found a new product which relieves pain and has totally natural ingredients.  The FDA lists it as a Class 1 Medical device for pain relief; and the look and feel of skin.

I sprained my ankle badly around Thanksgiving, and I was in a lot of pain.  My doctor reset it, but it had been out for a 5 days.  Rest, elevated it and other remedies, but the pain persisted. I could not put any weight on it. A friend gave me a “Power Strip”, an adhesive combo of natural remedies.  Viola!

The pain was gone instantly!

OMG!  So I wanted some more, and my friend was out of them.  So I started doing some research, and found the science videos* which absolutely astounded me.


Want to order this product at a wholesale price? Let me know.  These are direct online sales.  You have an option to sign up for an autoship or not.  Here is the website http://divineu.FGXpress.com/  and click the blue button to order.  Contact me if you have questions.*

In light, love, and health,

Dorothy Ann    503-208-4098   info@divineu.net

Here are a site with more scientific information,


Is there a business opportunity?  Yes!

Direct Sales and/or Relationship Marketing — BOTH!  According to Jeff Olsen who started Pre-Paid Legal, the research shows that 70% of the people who “enroll” in multi-level marketing companies fail.  I know the reasons.  Mostly it is about not getting the proper training.  As a entrepreneur and a teacher who has taught “How to Start Your Own Business” at the college level, I guarantee, if you are willing to do what it takes to make your dreams, I will train you how to start your own business and how to do Relationship Marketing.

Don’t MLM’s get a bad rap?  Yes, and the thinking is changing.

  • Did you know that Harvard Business School offers courses in Network Marketing?
  • Did you know the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert K changed his thinking, now believing that multi-level marketing is a viable way to increase your wealth, by creating a passive income stream?
  • Did you know that having your own business is a wonderful way to lower your tax burden and increase your income?

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