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Abstract of Auraopathy Paper presented to IANS

International Association of New Science
October 5, 1996
Dorothy Ann Cole,



Dorothy Ann Cole, M.Ed., D.D. introduces Auraopathy, a new energetic medicine which removes earthbound spirits and entities out of the aura and releases disease symptoms.  Earthbound spirits’ presence in the aura causes a person to take on the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, compulsions and even the diseases of the earthbound spirit.  The energy of the earthbound spirit acts like a blueprint superimposed over the person’s aura.

Aura clearings have released the symptoms of colds and viruses, allergies, fatigue, stress, hypertension, and depression.  In two cases, clients were able to stop taking anti-depressants.  Bowel irritation, hemorrhoids, and swollen prostate symptoms disappeared from another client. Viruses including Epstein Barr have been cleared from others.  A schizophrenic client stopped all delusional thinking and no longer hears voices.  Now he is exhibiting rational thought patterns.  The Aura Clearing process is an exorcism, particularly effective for release of demons, demonic possession or other harmful anomalies.

This paper discusses the symptoms, causes, prevention, treatment and benefits of aura clearings. Case histories illustrate how effective Auraopathy is for empowering clients to heal themselves. Dorothy Ann actually teaches you how to clear your own aura and keep it clean.  Buy the eBook for more detailed case studies.

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