Aura Clearings go beyond time and space
Dorothy Ann was asked one day what kind of Shaman is she? She replied that she did not know, so she asked her students who after some debate, declared that she was a Cosmic Shaman.  The quantum physics of Auraopathy will help you understand why this might be an accurate assessment.

13 Realities
In 1985, a Czech quantum physicist announced that there were 11 different realities operating on the planet.  Dorothy Ann intrigued by this asked the Masters if this was so.  No, was their response, there are 13 realities.  Individuals operate in several of these, moving freely from one to another if they so choose, and more often, unknowingly.  There are a few which Dorothy Ann does not enjoy, like where the justice system works or doesn’t, or where the media dispenses inaccurate or distracting information.  So Dorothy Ann asked, if , when an aura clearing is performed could these realities all be cleared too?  The answer was yes and includes even more.

13 Bodies
From Neal Donald Walsch’s work, Dorothy Ann learned that the aura actually houses the soul. She heard healers refer to causal body, etheric body, and others. So she asked how many are there? 13 again. The SCIO Quantum Biofeedback actually scientifically identifies the causal, mental, emotion, and cosmic bodies, outside of the physical body, but in the aura. Many describe the size of the aura as extending out far and wide, but Dorothy Ann prefers to contain the auric to arm’s length above, out to the side, and below the feet.  In this field, work on mental and emotional issues may be performed without causing harm or negative influence on others.

7 Universes
We exist in the Spiral Universe, but Dorothy Ann reading about worm holes in Scientific American, wondered if indeed, there were others. She asked and was told there are 6 others. Some metaphysical teachings talk about our souls operating in multiple times and spaces, simultaneously, which makes sense when quantum physicists consider our time-space construct as a way for us to think we manage or know time. But our time-space construct is not real, so this construct helps our minds order our existence. So there are past lives, parallel lives, and future lives. There are alternate realities, parallel universes, and more. There is also the current lifetime and the present moment.  The aura clearing encompasses them all.

Cosmic Shamanism
Shamans are often known to guide or travel through the upper and lower and inner worlds. Dorothy Ann included these quantum considerations in the aura clearing process and along with her students.  They all began using the phrase “Multi-dynamic and Cross-dimensional” in clearing aura. This means that wherever the individual’s soul exists, has existed or will exist; that any and all energetic anomalies will be cleared and replaced with “Divine Love and Light, operating to the Highest and Best Good of the individual, now and forevermore.”
Dorothy Ann was asked in an interview if she ever used feathers to fluff the aura or sage to clear the aura. Given the above, she acknowledged that there was no need.

Auric Practitioners
If you are interested in learning more about these topics, you might like to take the courses on Aura Clearings, I-IV. These are designed for lay people as well as healing professionals, offering in-depth training in performing aura clearings, exorcisms, sourcing and researching psychic phenomena. See Classes page.

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