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Blood Cell Research using Auraopathy and AKABA

Before and After Pictures of Live Blood Cells

When I first met a couple who did nutritional counseling using dark field blood analysis, I simply asked if we could do before-and-after blood tests before I did aura work for them.  We took a sample of the woman’s blood.  Both she and her husband were upset when they saw the sample, but they admitted they had been to the fair the day before and indulged in a lot of junk food. It all showed up in the blood sample. 

I asked what condition would be the most visible change.  Erythrocyte Aggregation, the clumping of blood cells, I was told.  So I did a spiritual practice called AKABA on the woman’s blood and asked Spirit how long we should wait until we took the 2nd blood sample:  10 Minutes!  When we took the 2nd blood sample, we were all astonished to see that none of the blood cells were clumped at all.  Since we did not have any camera equipment, I later asked the couple to see if we could replicate the work.  These pictures are the results:  the photos were taken through the computer, which analyzed the blood.

When taken, the blood samples you are viewing were live blood cells.  These are red blood cells.  The first sample is from a 78 year-old female whom I had never met. Note:  Blood sample images are slightly reduced in size.

Evidence of Auraopathy healing on blood cells

Figure 1a shows the clumping of red blood cells called Erythrocyte Aggregation.  The blood cells overlap and impede the flow of oxygen in the circulatory system.

Figure 1b shows the results after using AKABA, a spiritual healing practice, for Erythrocyte Aggregation.  The time difference between photographs was 20 minutes.

Figure 2  below shows that the clumping of red blood cells call Erythrocyte Aggregation for a 62-year-old man.  The blood cells overlap and impede the flow of oxygen in the blood. The white elements are white blood cells, which are dying. This is normal.  However, this sample showed little movement of the blood on the slide.

Evidence of Auraopathy and AKABA healing practices

Figure 3 shows the results after using the AKABA for Erythrocyte Aggregation after 10 minutes. In addition, the subject was informed that he had difficulties processing refined sugars. Figure 2b shows the results after using the AKABA for Erythrocyte Aggregation after 10 minutes. Notice that some of the blood cells have circular particles, donuts or half moon shapes, within them.  These are indicative of problems in the gall bladder and/or liver according to our dark cell blood analyst.

For a different treatment, I use Auraopathy and cleared the negative energies in the gallbladder, liver, and pancreas.  Integration time was 15 minutes.

Figure 4 shows the results of clearing, liver and pancreas photographed 30 minutes later.  According to the dark cell blood analyst, all of the liver and gallbladder symptoms had cleared.  In addition, there was a visible increase in movement of the particles and red cells, which were streaming on the computer screen.

Since I teach students Auraopathy and AKABA processes, I was most interested to see if my two students could get the same results. They did in 10 out of 10 cases!  This means that anyone who desires to, can learn these simple processes and get the same results.

I believe in empowering people in their healing journey.


[i] Note:  As of 2004, the State of Oregon no longer allows practitioners to do Dark Field Blood Analysis unless they are a licensed physician because blood samples were taken by pricking the finger.   The QXCI Biofeedback has Dark Field Blood Analysis, utilizing subspace and superconscious interaction to identify problems and remedy them.  It requires no drawing of blood.