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Personal Energy Process (PEP): Case Summaries

Personal Energy Process (PEP) is a process of bringing Divine Light into the body to heal and can be performed at any time. Harold McCoy, a spiritual healer, from the Ozark Institute first described the process and outlined a case history. His son called and told him about a little boy in England who had a cleft palette. There was a hole in the roof of his mouth about the size of a dime. He was scheduled for surgery. On Sunday, Harold projected Divine Light into the mouth of the boy. The next day when the child was wheeled into surgery, the doctor said, “This is the wrong boy! There is no hole in his mouth.”

After I heard this presentation, I thought if Harold can do it, I wonder if I can. These are some of the case studies for tumors, lipoma, gallstones, eyesight, and skin cancer.

Benign Tumors on Parathyroid Gland
A sixty-seven year old male was diagnosed with tumors on the parathyroid gland.  PEP was performed on 11/11/11.  When an ultra sound was performed on 12/9/11, the prognosis was that there was not enough material to warrant a surgery. The doctor wants to check the parathyroid in a year.

Macular Degeneration
A 78 year-old woman was receiving laser surgery treatments for macular degeneration which is where the tissues the lines the inner eyeball rich with blood vessels that sometimes burst and impair vision.  One day, the doctor said the there might be problems with the other eye.  She asked me to do the PEP immediately, before they clinic did their routine x-rays.  In the afternoon, the doctor declared that no more surgery was required for either eye in 4/2000.

A fifty-year-old woman has had a mass called a lipoma growing on her back for 25 years . It is 2″ x 4″ x 1.5” and extending into her body. A week after the PEP, the mass had reduced to half the size. Further healing stopped for three weeks. A subsequent call determined that two things were apparently blocking the healing. 1) Her husband urged her to go to the hospital and have it surgically removed as originally planned. 2) She engaged in visualization work using “Pac-man”-like critters to attack and eat away the mass. My belief is that the lipoma, which is a spiritual being in and of itself, felt attacked and resisted the healing process. Subject was advised to send only love energy to lipoma. Psychic contact with the lipoma confirmed this, and a process to release these negative energies was engaged. In June, mass was the size of a quarter.  In September, the lipoma was the size of a dime.  By December, the lipoma was gone.

  • 1/12/99 Note: Aura Clearing, TRIOM for Fibromyalgia, Past Life source for Fibromyalgia.
  • 1/27/00 Subject reports growth is 1.5”x 2.5”x .5” This is an 84% reduction.
  • 6/00 Growth is the size of a quarter.
  • 9/00 Growth is the size of a quarter
  • 12/00 Lipoma is completely gone.

A fifty-six-year-old man has three gallstones. It had been recommended that he have his gall bladder removed. When he asked me about it five months ago, I suggested that he examine issues of resentment in his life because the gallbladder is the source of resentment according to oriental medicine. December 1998, I offered to do the PEP with him. I did the processat night and he passed one gallstone with very little pain the next morning. In addition, we had a counseling session about his resentment issues. He feels much better, and his skin has changed from a gray pallor to a rosy healthy color. A subsequent ultra sound was done, and he will get the results on 1/18/99. This will determine if the other two gallstones dissolved or were passed unknowingly.

  • 1/21/99 Doctors used a dye in the process…reported that his gallbladder has gravelly stones. They still recommended removal of gall bladder. Subject is seeking second opinion.
  • 1/31/99 Conducted second Personal Healing Process (PEP).
  • 2/1/00 Subject underwent regular surgical procedures to have the gallbladder removed.
  • 4/14/00 Subject expresses regret that he did not let the healing occur.

Later he expressed doubt about having had his gallbladder removed, and  I commented that the gravelly stones may have been a response to the PEP, so that he could pass the gallstones more comfortably.  Sometimes you have to give the Universe time to work.

A seventy-six-year-old woman with diabetes and hypertension, is concerned with diminishing eyesight caused by cataracts. The day before the PEP she picked up two library books where the print was too fine for her to read. A few hours after the PEP, subject was able to read fine print on a Half & Half container in a restaurant except for a zip code which was blurred in printing. The next day she discovered she could also read the fine print of the library books. PEP was also performed on lower back for disk protrusion, digestive system, and heart and circulation system. Subject reported being in no pain within hours of the process. Subsequently pain returned to her lower back when subject was reporting her case history to her new doctor, and she said that her lower back was garbage. I advised her not to tell her back such negative things because of the potential of self-fulfilling prophecy. Another PEP surgery was conducted. Pain again diminished. 1/7/99
1/29/99 Subject reports eyesight is continues to improve. Distance sight is less blurry. Continues to read fine print. Subject engaged in some strenuous activities (snow shoveling and vacuuming) and noted increased back pain.

Skin Cancer
5/17/99  A 45 year old woman requests PEP for 3 melanomas on her face. Regular surgery is scheduled for the following week. PEP performed Sat night. Tues. MD Surgeon says two of the three spots have healed, no surgery required, cream must be working.
7/10/99 Cancer is in complete remission.