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“SCIO Weekly Prevention Program”
I sleep so well and wake up in bliss!  ~ Nancy P, Aloha, OR
“Quantum Code”
Hi Dorothy Ann,
I’m a fellow code talker, however, my practice was short lived and not in depth as yours.  I appreciated the session we shared and although I was a bit skeptical and not really aware or sensitive to what my body feels, but I allowed myself to be open.
You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned my thyroids and I didn’t even tell you, and you knew I needed to release there and from someone way back in history was willing to assist me to do that. I must have been carrying her DNA-perhaps it was ME?  Other things you knew about my holding on to trauma was right on as well.  Well, nothing happened the first day after our session, but when I went to work and did some Feng Shui cures in my office for other issues, boy, did the teamwork kick in.  I was suffering from some low self-esteem and didn’t really speak up for myself nor was my voice very loud.
Something happened and all of a sudden I was loud and gregarious like never before, I was on the phone happy go lucky and still am to this day.  I know it couldn’t have been all Feng Shui that made me turn on a dime but both together, WOWZA! Again thank you very much! ~ Rose, Neah Bay, WA
Dorothy Ann Cole is nothing less then an Angel offering care to all with understated elegance and pureness of heart.  I am blessed each day to know her, and from her healing gift of love, light and life.
James J. Koberstein, age 57, Portland, OR  July 13, 2013

“No more reading glasses.  I can read the fine print.”
My vision has improved since stopped taking the prescription for Metformin for diabetes.  My symptoms have decreased by 50%.  I feel healthier and happier, now that I understand that the medication was blocking my absorption of Vitamin B12.  My balance is better.  I am on a new path to wellness.”  JK, age 56, Portland, OR, May 23, 2013


“What a treat, to have a resource when your kid is ailing.  Having Dorothy Ann as back up is the BEST EVER.  After everything I know, and nothing is working, or by now, I just know, I don’t have the knowledge/skills to address what the child needs, and I know the medical arena is as bankrupt of ways to deal with it. . .as I am.  CLC, Mother, Tigard, OR

What her children said…

I really wanted to talk to you on the phone, but Mom said you were going to be busy helping me feel better.   So, she said I could write you this note.
I just wanted to see how you are doing?  How are your cats doing too?  Do you still have my picture?  How does it work when you help me with a remote?   Right now, I’m feeling great, except it hurts to inhale.  I also have a weird gurgly feeling in my tummy and a tiny headache.  My eyes are also itchy and burny because I was playing with a cat  and dog.  I had a lot of fun with them, but now I don’t feel so good.
I love school.  My teacher is Mrs. R.  My favorite subjects are recess, and drawing.  I have buddies, to help me at school.  They help me practice with flashcards.  There are 4 of them.
See you soon!
I love you,
K age 7
Hello Dorothy Ann,
Just talked with Mom about what happened the other day.  She asked if I could tell you about what happened.  I remember feeling really tired during running time in P.E., so I cleared my aura and then the teacher announced we had 17 seconds left to run.   I was just feeling so energetic!  And that wasn’t a lot of time to keep running, so I wished I could keep running.  And I felt so good after that.
Also, when I got a little sick this last week, my tummy felt weird and I was really tired and had a headache.  My mom gave me some remedies and I got better overnight.  And she reminded me that you were the one who taught her about using remedies, so I’m really glad for that.  We use them all the time for outdoor allergies, just in case.
I am really enjoying school.  I get to help out a lot as an Ambassador and it’s fun being in 5th grade.  I like my teacher Mrs. G.  She is super nice.  We also get to use laptops in class.
I can’t wait to see you again soon.
Hugs to you and your kitties,
K age 10

“Saved my marriage, saved my life, saved my sanity…”
NP, Aloha, OR,  May, 7, 2012

This client was able to change her thinking about her divorcing her husband after Lesson 3 (audio) in Peace Matters 10 Free lessons (See PeaceMattersNow.org).  Plagued with problems of distraction, disorganization, and overwhelm along with depression, this client underwent a Brain Assessment process which provided specific suggestions for supplementation and behavior changes, and decreased her ADD behaviors.  She is also enrolled in the Brain Wellness subscription, a weekly remote healing program.  Her latest physical exam results were “excellent,”  hence saving her life.  Her sanity returned after further training in learning the Language of Peace and Emotional Management classes, and having weekly empathy sessions with Dorothy Ann.  She and her husband are having fun together, and she is now closer with her daughters and grandchildren.

“The aura clearing cleared up my bipolar condition.  I have been off my medication for six months, the first time in 20 years.  I feel great.”
JG, Attorney, Portland, OR  September, 1995

“This aura clearing is a paradigm shift…”
TM, Entrepreneur, Seattle, WA  October, 1997

“I just closed my first $120K contract; I have another pending next week for $90K.  Previously our contracts fell between $4,000-6,000.  I think my aura clearing, three weeks ago, may have had something to do with this.”
LG, Business Woman, Portland, OR June, 1999

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Sharon Coppley Sharon Coppley October 9, 2012 at 9:07 PM

I had intuitively been guided to seek out a healer for myself. I have recently been focusing on receiving and wanted to receive more abundance in my life. I called Dorothy Ann’s radio and won a free Aura Clearing! The light poured through and my body started twitching and then ringing started in my right ear. All I had to do was receive. It was divinely and awesomely wonderful! I am so excited about the limitless possibilities and cannot wait to share what happens next in my life with Dorothy Ann and everyone. Thank you for this beautiful gift! Mwah!

Sharon C. Lexington, NC

Sally Donahue Sally Donahue April 21, 2013 at 10:55 AM

Dorothy Ann is such a an amazing, inspired woman! Her wealth of knowledge, intellect and spirituality is priceless! She is a true testimony to the effectiveness of Quantum Biofeedback, as well as her other spiritual and cosmic talents! Her Brain Training webinar is a MUST for any Quantum Biofeedback practitioner since it covers the many basics that are part of effective sessions. She is precise, charming and knowledgeable. I learned valuable information that is helping me be more effective and confident in my biofeedback sessions! I look forward to the next 2 webinars. Her webinar and other training tools can help boost your own effectiveness and knowledge in using the SCIO or Indigo devices. I am grateful to be included in her circle of friends and look forward to the shift in the wellness paradigm that she is driven to cause! I have had the same desire for being part of the wellness shift, but haven’t had what I need to get it going. Dorothy Ann has the education, experience, vision and cosmic force to make it happen! Her passion is inspiring!
I highly recommend her to all who feel they could use a little help to reach their potential!
Thank you, Dorothy Ann!”